pebblesOur services:

  • Executive and operational coaching
  • Coaching training and support for managers
  • Mentoring for organisational coaches
  • Management development programmes and workshops
  • Interpersonal skills training and development
  • Developing teams including TMS inventories
  • Voice coaching and presentation skills, from basic confidence to presenting at conferences

All our programmes, with all our associates, are tailored specifically for you, your personal and organisational context, and for the results you need to achieve.

Beyond Executive Coaching

Ideas are the life blood of innovation. But how do you know if your ideas are good ones? Thought Support will give you the courage you need to get on with your plans, secure in the knowledge that you have thought them through. We have tools and techniques to help you. We always accept that the ideas remain yours and that you are the best person to see them through. But we also have the confidence to believe that we can help you to do that quickly, thoroughly and cost-effectively.

Beyond training

You need to work with difficult people and thrive in testing environments. Everyday you face challenges at work. How do you know that the decisions you take, and the approaches you make, will be the right ones?’ We can help you. We work with individuals and groups to help you plan effectively and implement those plans efficiently. Our approach works as well for writing tricky documents and giving presentations as it does for exploring scenarios. We won’t give you the answers. What we will do is help you think through all the questions so that you come up with the answers yourselves. Our approach is rigorous, effective and fun. You will be engaged from the very start. There will be no tedious theory, just brilliant ideas that you can work with immediately. And you will know those ideas are brilliant because they will be yours and they will work.

Thought Support: thinking sessions that achieve results

We all have ideas. They come to us in the bath, while dozing, or just pottering about. But how do we know they are any good? It is only by talking them through with others that we can see them for what they really are. But others don’t necessarily know how to help us with that. They may not want to hurt our feelings, so raise our expectations falsely with well meant but misjudged praise. They may feel that we need their criticism, to point out faults and weaknesses `for our own good’. Or they may feel that they need to build on our ideas to prove to us that they can be even cleverer. All of that can happen from the purest of motives. But it is misguided. Thought Support will teach you a clear, effective process so that you can work with others to explore your ideas, safe in the knowledge that those ideas won’t be stolen, rubbished, or altered beyond recognition. And if as a result you choose to change your ideas, then the privilege of doing that remains in your control.