tulipSue Blow Qualifications for their own sake are of limited value. At worst, they leave the reader thinking ‘so what?’ However, at best, they are useful indicators: of persistence over time, a measure of intellectual rigor, and knowledge of frameworks, models and theories. Those indicators can then be used in practice to help others think, make decisions and solve problems.



Which helped me to:

MA (Coaching and mentoring practice)
  • Understand the theories and research that underpins modern coaching practice
  • Plan, complete and present a research project at Master’s level
  • Develop my own coaching skills practice with the help of supervision
    and feedback
Postgraduate certificate in coaching and
mentoring supervision
  • Support the thinking of others who coach at the highest levels
  • Develop the work of less experienced coaches
  • Sustain best practice in a developing profession
  • Manage and sustain my own distance learning for 5 years
  • Compare organisational theory with the practices in client companies
PGCert Ed
  • Break complex topics into enjoyable segments
  • Monitor and evaluate progress
  • Understand different learning styles and abilities
Dual honours degree
  • Cope with sustained study for four years
  • Learn independently for the first time
  • Be responsible for my own progress