Coaching at the margins

IMG_2557Last year Dan Docherty came to a coaching research day at Sheffield Hallam. His topic was ‘limbic coaching’ and after a short tussle with the terminology I had a series of ‘aha’ moments that are still continuing. Dan chucked a largish rock into the pond, asking us to consider, as practising coaches, what happens at the margins: the session where nothing much happens, but where there is a breakthrough moment on the walk back to reception; the time when you wonder if you are pushing too near a boundary – and a crack appears and the light shines through. Edges can be dangerous but they can also be creative and exciting places to be. Senses are heightened in the presence of danger and it a matter of judgement how far to go. Intuition is often the best guide under those circumstances – but only if that intuition has been honed and polished by experience, continuous professional development, and first class supervision.